Floating Bed Scrubber towers. Medium energy wet scrubbers.

Data Sheet

General characteristics

The Static Bed Scrubber (SBS) Series Low- and Medium-Energy Wet Scrubbers are tower-type artifacts with a statically filled active part normally consisting of Pall rings. Other types of filling can be used depending on the nature and concentration of the pollutants in the aeriform to be treated.

The gas ascends the tower in the opposite direction to the flow of the scrubbing fluid. The two fluids meet in the filling area where they come into contact promoting the liquid/gas exchange action.

The main feature of backwashing is that the loading gas of all the pollutant initially comes into contact with the now spent washing liquid, while the fresh liquid encounters a gas containing residual amounts of pollutant for which a highly reactive solution is available.

This ensures constant mass transfer throughout the height of the fill.

A droplet separator is installed at the top of the tower in order to retain liquid entrainment particles.

Recirculation operation is provided on the backfill of the washing liquid, which is stored at the base of the artifact. This liquid is constantly renewed to avoid its saturation resulting in continuous overflow of the tower to be added to the water treatment.  Charged operation is also possible until the absorbent solution is exhausted.

Sectors of use

Fields of use = Such works are used for solving multiple problems of removal of gaseous pollutants of organic and inorganic nature. In particular, they also find valuable use in connection with the removal of the following pollutants:

  • chlorine and its compounds (such as HCl gas)
  • sulfate and its compounds (such as gases of H2SO4, of H2S and mercaptans)
  • nitrous compounds.

The Ecoimpianti team remains available for the choice of the most suitable equipment for the specific issue.

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