Made from sheet

Plastics processing from sheet

Ecoimpianti specialises in the manufacture of plastic products, components and coatings, also according to drawings. Processing plastics is the speciality of this all-Italian company but with an international spirit: Made in Italy - Made in Quality - Made in Plastic


Many years of experience and specific expertise in plastics processing

Ecoimpianti processes any plastic material required, the most common of which include PP, PE, PVC, PPS, PVDF. It can also produce components in special thermoplastic materials that may be required especially in critical applications and specific industries. Based on the physical, chemical and mechanical properties required by the project, we provide assistance in selecting the most suitable thermoplastic material, respecting tolerances and even executing complex geometries.

  • Many years of technical expertise in plastics processing
  • Large, high-precision machinery
  • Supply of standard or special materials (on request)
  • Possible supply of products and components suitable for food contact according to M.O.C.A. regulations.

Why choose thermoplastics

Increasingly, companies demand thermoplastics because of the characteristics and performance in terms of elasticity, thermal resistance, dimensional stability, resistance to wear, stress, chemical and weathering agents, etc.

Ecoimpianti has a fleet of state-of-the-art machines and specific digital equipment. We can guarantee a high standard of quality, fast turnaround times and delivery to meet our customers' expectations.

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