Water purification Plants

Piping | Fittings | Plastic components for Water Purification Systems

Ecoimpianti supplies a wide range of plastic pipes, fittings and components for water purification plants

Containment tanks

Ecoimpianti can manufacture and supply containment tanks for purifiers: tanks made of POLYPROPYLENE, PVC, POLYETHYLENE, PPS, PVDF. Customised processing.  Depending on the liquid to be contained, the tanks are made of the most suitable plastic material. 

Depending on the customer's specific requirements, containment tanks are manufactured with dimensions and reinforcements in carpentry and fully lined with the most suitable thermoplastic material. Repairs and PVC or moplen linings are also carried out on existing tanks in systems and concrete storage tanks and settling vessels.

Some examples: settling tanks, agitation tanks, chemical-physical treatment tanks

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Plastic Pipes and Fittings

Ecoimpianti supplies plastic fittings and piping both commercially available and special (on customer request) welded with specific machinery according to current regulations.  

Reference to regulations (see above)

Among the various special fittings recently supplied are fittings and sumps for draining liquids in the construction sector.

Machinery, Technology and Advantages

Polyprofusion, butt welding and electrofusion machines are used for these processes.

The advantages of relying on Ecoimpianti:

  • Suitable plastic pipes and fittings, both special (at customer's request) and commercially available without restrictions
  • Certified welding (with reference to standards > see above)
  • Large, high-precision machinery
  • Standard or special materials (on request)

Specific competence in plastic processing

Many years of experience and technical knowledge in the field of plastic processing. We process any required plastic material including the most common and requested PP, PE, PVC, PPS, PVDF. Based on the physical, chemical and mechanical characteristics required by the project, we provide assistance in the choice of the most suitable plastic material.

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