Plastic containment tanks

Tanks made with PP - PPS - PVC - PE - PVDF

Ecoimpianti manufactures containment tanks with POLYPROPYLENE, PPS, PVC, POLYETHYLENE, PVDF. Customised processing. Depending on the liquid they will contain, the tanks are made of the most suitable plastic material.

Customised machining with plastics

Depending on the customer's specific requirements, containment tanks are manufactured with dimensions and reinforcements in carpentry and fully lined with the most suitable thermoplastic material.
Repairs and PVC or moplen linings are also carried out on existing tanks in systems and concrete storage tanks and settling vessels.

VascComponenti in Plastica per Galvanicahe di contenimento in Plastica

Plastic tanks:

Below are some common types of containment tanks made by Ecoimpianti

  • tanks for Galvanic plants, used to contain acidic or basic treatment solutions for galvanic process fluids;
  • food-grade tanks made of materials suitable for contact with food or liquids
  • water supply tanks (aqueducts) made of materials suitable for contact with food or liquids;
  • tanks for the fire-fighting sector 
  • tanks for the fish farming sector
  • tanks for the automotive sector
  • laboratory test tanks 
  • tanks for the construction sector

What are they

Ecoimpianti manufactures polypropylene, self-supporting corrugated polypropylene tanks. This specific material consists of square and rectangular corrugation and has the advantage of providing an insulating function.

Specific expertise in plastic material processing

Many years of experience and technical knowledge in the field of plastic material processing. We process any plastic material including the most common and popular PP, PPS, PE, PVC, PVDF. Based on the physical, chemical and mechanical properties required by the project, we provide assistance in selecting the most suitable plastic material.

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