Ventilation System

Piping | Fittings | Plastic Components for Ventilation Systems

Ecoimpianti supplies a wide range of plastic pipes, fittings and components for ventilation systems.

It also manufactures components for the extraction and neutralisation of harmful aeriforms from process lines, hoods, ducts, vertical horizontal abatement-scrubber towers and biofilters.

We also provide the right support and expertise for industrial dedusting (extraction and treatment of slag and dust), sanitation, odour elimination.


Plastic piping

Ecoimpianti supplies plastic pipes (including PP, PPS, PE, PVC, PVDF) made from sheets according to customer specifications without limitations. In combination, Ecoimpianti also has a range of retail pipes with diameters below 450 mm.

In summary:

  • Range of plastic pipes, machined from sheets, to customer specifications. Sizes: from 450 mm diameter up to large diameters.
  • Range of retail plastic pipes. Dimensions: less than 450 mm

Plastic Fittings/Connections

Ecoimpianti supplies both Special Fittings (machined from sheets) on the customer's specific request and Retail Fittings.

In summary:

  • Special plastic fittings made from sheets
  • Retail Fittings

Some examples of plastic fittings made from sheets: Bends, Plugs, T-connectors

Machinery and Technology used

Ecoimpianti has large milling and turning centres. Software is also used that allows special fittings to be produced with the highest degree of finish and tolerances required in accordance with the strict standards in force. 

Polyprofusion, butt welding and electrofusion machines are used for these processes.


The advantages of relying on Ecoimpianti:

  • Suitable plastic pipes and fittings, both special (at customer's request) and commercially available without restrictions
  • Certified welds
  • Large, high-precision machinery
  • Standard or special materials (on request)

Reference to Certified Welding: 

  • DVS 2212-1
  • UNI EN 13067:2020

Specific competence in plastic processing

Many years of experience and technical knowledge in the field of plastic processing. We process any required plastic material including the most common and requested PP, PE, PVC, PPS, PVDF. Based on the physical, chemical and mechanical characteristics required by the project, we provide assistance in the choice of the most suitable plastic material.

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Plastic fans

Ecoimpianti builds:

  • Industrial fans made of plastics: PP, PVC, PE
  • Fans with anti-static and self-extinguishing materials