Turning and Milling

Mechanical processing of plastics by Turning and Milling

Your designs take shape and become plastic components.

Ecoimpianti performs mechanical turning and milling (through swarf removal) of high quality, precision components from any type of plastic material. We use 5-axis CNC lathes and machining centres

We manufacture plastic components from customer drawings and focus on finish and precision. 

We can produce small, medium and large series of components without limitations and according to customer requirements and needs.

We can also supply Products and Components suitable for food contact according to M.O.C.A. regulations.


Experience in plastics machining

We offer our customers the most established experience and the most innovative technology in the mechanical processing of plastics 

We can process both small and large quantities of product from simple or complex designs, even with strict tolerances, and always with a high quality of finish and precision.

We produce thermoplastic profiles in various shapes, in different geometries (even of a certain complexity) and in various thicknesses. 

In addition, we can also offer a range of plastic materials in stock directly at our factory, providing the customer with a quality product (from semi-finished to finished).

Sectors we work for

While we can carry out machining of various types and components from our customers' drawings, we carry out machining - through turning and milling - for a variety of sectors including: 

  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food* 
  • Packaging
  • Automotive
  • Nautical
  • Aerospace
  • Industrial in general.

We make the product from your drawings. You name the sector!!!

* We can also supply Products and Components suitable for food contact according to M.O.C.A. regulations. 

Each sector has, in fact, different and specific needs for materials and products. Ecoimpianti analyses its customers' needs in detail and proposes the best solution thanks to its many years of experience in the plastics processing sector.

Specific expertise in plastics processing

Many years of experience and technical knowledge in the field of plastics processing. We process any plastic material required including the most common and popular PP, PE, PVC, PPS, PVDF. Based on the physical, chemical and mechanical properties required by the project, we provide assistance in selecting the most suitable plastic material.

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