Specific expertise in plastics processing including PP, PE, PVC, PPS, PVDF

The reliability of Ecoimpianti Technologies stands on our many years of specialised field experience and also comes through the certifications we have obtained

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System

Management system certified according to ISO 9001:2015. Ecoimpianti strives for production and management excellence.  The company adheres to the international quality standard ISO 9001 and is certified.

Ecoimpianti has been certified by TUV Sud as a specialised company according to the German Water Protection Act. As a specialised company, Ecoimpianti is authorised according to art. 19 of the German Water Management Act (WHG) to construct, install and perform maintenance services for surface treatment plants in compliance with the regulations imposed according to WHG 19.

Third-party manufacturers using M.O.C.A. processes. Ecoimpianti is certified for the use of materials suitable for contact with foodstuffs.

Suitable plastic pipes and fittings, both special
(at customer's request) and commercially available without restrictions

Certified welding
(DVS 2212-1 and UNI EN 13067:2020)

Large, high-precision machinery

Standard or special materials
(on request)




Thanks to the development of specific skills and advanced know-how over many years, Ecoimpianti Technologies has the necessary experience and a technically competent staff to operate in many fields: 

  • Antipollution
  • Surface treatment and metal finishes
  • Components and parts of galvanic treatment plants,
  • Pickling,
  • Deodorization, aeriform suction and treatment,
  • Reduction of emissions,
  • Storage and distribution of process fluids, piping,
  • Scrubber,
  • Biofilters,
  • Industrial ventilation,
  • Specialized industrial plants both in Italy and abroad