Specific expertise in plastics processing including PP, PE, PVC, PPS, PVDF

The reliability of Ecoimpianti Technologies stands on our many years of specialised field experience, also through certifications obtained and is validated by the after-sales support service that follows the customer even after delivery

We support the company at every necessary stage thanks to 'mobile' technical teams throughout the area and an available 'on-call' and/or periodic service.

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With custom and tailor-made projects, Ecoimpianti Technologies provides dedicated solutions for different needs using components available on the market up to parts specifically designed and manufactured for each individual project.

Thanks to experience gained over the years, our company can guarantee services that include the advantage of specific know-how, advanced and innovative technologies, certifications, and an efficient and fast organisation both in the workshop and on site.

Our after-sales service guarantees fast response times, telephone and direct support with the aim of maintaining the productivity of its customers and protecting their investments.

Our technical service and expert staff are available to help you choose the most suitable equipment for your specific problem and find the most effective and qualitatively efficient solution quickly.



Solutions and Machining in plastics.

Made in Italy, Made in Quality, Made in Plastic

Ecoimpianti Technologies is an Italian company specialized in the processing of plastics thanks to many years of technical experience. We process any required plastic material including the most common and requested PP, PE, PVC, PPS, PVDF. Based on the physical, chemical and mechanical characteristics required by the project, we provide assistance in the choice of the most suitable plastic material.

We operate in different but complementary markets with an approach to work that we can define as 'integrated' by offering our customers quick and effective solutions, advanced technical know-how and many years of experience.