Floating Bed Scrubber towers Medium energy wet scrubber

Data Sheet

General characteristics

Gas washers of the Floating Bed Scrubbers (FBS) Medium Energy Wet Scrubbers series are tower-type manufactures with the active part consisting of hollow balls of plastic material moving between containment grids that define each washing stage. The gas to be washed enters from below, the washing liquid enters from above. Under the action of these opposite-direction flows, the spheres are forced into turbulent, random motions generating a large area of gas/liquid contact and mixing.

The effect of such turbulence results in the moving spheres being continuously cleaned by collision of one with another, preventing fouling and eliminating the possibility of the formation of preferential pathways that can reduce the active exchange surface area.

Moreover, the gas and liquid come into contact not only on the wetted surface of the balls but in the entire flotation zone, increasing the gas/liquid exchange surface.

An essential feature of the gas washers in this series are their small constructional dimensions, in relation to the need to have crossing velocities of the fluid bed with such values as to ensure the flotation of the spheres.

The washing liquid, stored at the base of the tower and continuously recirculated by pump on the contact stage(s), is constantly renewed in order to avoid saturation. Charge operation until the absorbent solution is exhausted is also possible.

Each washer is normally equipped with a droplet separator installed before the washed gases are discharged into the atmosphere.

Applcation fields

he impossibility of clogging allows the use of these washers wherever there is a simultaneous presence of organic and inorganic gaseous pollutants, associated with dust or tower circulation in solutions that can give rise to reaction precipitates and fouling.

The Ecoimpianti team remains available for the selection of the most suitable equipment with respect to the specific problem.

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