Packing Plates Plastic Scrubber Low energy wet scrubbers

Data Sheet

General characteristics

The Packing Plates Scrubber (PPS) series of gas washers--Low Energy Wet Washers--are tower-type artifacts with a static element active part consisting of low height parcels formed with multibeam filling, perforated plates, contact body filling, chicannes elements.

The gas ascends the tower with opposite direction to the flushing fluid current. The two fluids meet at the contact element where they enter into mixing promoting the liquid/gas exchange action.

The main feature of these countercurrent washers is their low pressure drops, associated with good mass transfer efficiencies. This consideration makes Packing Plates Scrubbers preferable to similar ones in the presence of easily abated classifiable pollutants.

A droplet separator is installed at the top of the tower in order to retain liquid entrainment particles.

An operation with recirculation on the counter elements of the washing liquid stored at the base of the artifact is provided. This liquid is constantly renewed to avoid its saturation, resulting in continuous overflow from the tower to be fed to water treatment. Charged operation is also possible until the absorbent solution is exhausted.

Application Fields

Packing Plates Scrubbers are used for solving multiple problems of removing gaseous pollutants of an inorganic nature. In particular, they find valuable use for the removal of the following pollutants:

  • chlorine and its compounds ( such as HCl gas )
  • sulfur and its compounds ( such as gases of H2SO4, of H2S ).

Catalog sizes and capacities may vary according to special installation requirements.

The Ecoimpianti team remains available for the selection of the most suitable equipment with respect to the specific problem.

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