Impact Scrubber | Impact Scrubber Towers Medium energy wet dust collector

Data Sheet

General characteristics

Impact Scrubber (IS) series scrubbers are particularly suitable for the treatment of aeriform streams containing dusty pollutants of hygroscopic nature that must be brought into immediate contact with the mass of the scrubbing liquid in order to avoid any possible clogging.

They turn out to be small in size since they require relatively low residence times considering the wettability of the parts contained in the aeriform to be treated.

They are of good efficiency for the abatement of particles with sizes between 0.5 and 5 microns. The incoming gas undergoes an initial scrubbing as early as inside the supply line. The dust is then separated by impact with the surface of the liquid stored in the washer base and by subsequent impact with special draining baffles.

By settling, the pollutants are collected on the sloping bottom of the washer and then separated by periodic purging or by sludge scraper for continuous operation. The adoption of such a washer avoids the installation of recirculation pumps, since small quantities of liquid are required in supply generally provided by the Establishment network.

Application Fields

These washers find valuable use in the treatment of aeriformes containing hygroscopic particulars, for emissions from:

  • enamellers and similar;
  • glass industries;
  • food industries;
  • chemical industries;
  • metal grinding and grinding.

Catalog sizes and capacities may vary according to special installation requirements.

The Ecoimpianti team remains available for the selection of the most suitable equipment with respect to the specific problem.

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