EL-AS Lavatori di gas

Data Sheet

General characteristics

EL-AS gas washers are intended for use in the presence of pollutants that do not present special difficulties to be treated. They constitute of a hydraulic conduit within which a distributor of the washing liquid, a flow laminator, a liquid/gas contact zone, and a zone for separation and discharge of the liquid and gas phases are installed.

The pressure drop of this equipment is very low (on the order of 40 ÷ 70 mm. H2O) so the powers normally installed are low.

A particular feature of the EL-AS washer makes it interesting and irreplaceable in certain applications, where the space devoted to installation is important and when the nature of the pollutants to be treated is such as to permit its use (presence of aerosols, mist and extremely soluble gases and vapors).

The EL-AS washer, in fact, is easily inserted in-line in place of a section of gas conveying pipeline, since its transverse dimensions are slightly larger than that of the pipeline itself.

Principles of operation

EL-AS series washers are characterized by three zones:

  • gas/washing solution contact zone, in which the liquid atomized by the spray nozzles absorbs the pollutant present;
  • centrifugation zone, in which a centrifugal component is transmitted to the liquid/gas phase tending to convey the particles of the absorbing solution, now containing the pollutant, onto the inner wall of the washer;
  • separation zone, in which the liquid separates from the gas due to the different density of the phases. Separation is achieved by the effect of detachment of the gas stream from the wall of the washer.

The Ecoimpianti team remains available for the selection of the most suitable equipment with respect to the specific problem.

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