Ecoimpianti manufactures Polypropylene, Polyethylene, PVC, PPS, PVDF tanks for the storage of corrosive substances.

Ecoimpianti manufactures POLYPROPYLENE, PPS, PVC, PVDF tanks. Customised processing. Depending on the liquid to be contained, the tanks are made of the most suitable plastic material. 

Customised plastic processing

Depending on the customer's specific requirements, tanks are manufactured with dimensions and reinforcements in carpentry and completely coated with the most suitable thermoplastic material. 

Specific expertise in plastics processing

Many years of experience and technical knowledge in the field of plastics processing. We process any plastic material required including the most common and popular PP, PE, PVC, PPS, PVDF. Based on the physical, chemical and mechanical properties required by the project, we provide assistance in selecting the most suitable plastic material.


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