Specific expertise in plastic material processing

Containment Tubs | Piping Treatment Fluids | Scrubber | Components for Galvanics
Knockdown Towers | Biofilters | Components for Ventilation Systems | Components for Water Treatment Plants
Turning & Milling | Made from Plate | Raccorderia

Our main Products

Construction of Scrubbers, Abatement Towers, Suitable Plastic Components

Tanks made with PP - PPS - PVC - PE - PVDF

Mechanical processing of plastics by Turning and Milling

Turning & Milling - From Sheet - Fittings 

Solutions and Machining in plastics.

Made in Italy, Made in Quality, Made in Plastic

Ecoimpianti Technologies is an Italian company specialized in the processing of plastics thanks to many years of technical experience. We process any required plastic material including the most common and requested PP, PE, PVC, PPS, PVDF. Based on the physical, chemical and mechanical characteristics required by the project, we provide assistance in the choice of the most suitable plastic material.

We operate in different but complementary markets with an approach to work that we can define as 'integrated' by offering our customers quick and effective solutions, advanced technical know-how and many years of experience.




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